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September 22, 2020


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Colofon is a cloud-based app built to make writer’s life easier.
Suitable for all writers of novels, short stories, essays, poetry, scripts and soon graphic novels, Colofon simplifies tasks like backups, formatting, planning and collaborative work.
Some people call it a magic box, some say a notepad on steroids, what matters is it enables writers to focus on their creativity and turns ideas into projects and works!


Colofon was started by programmer/aspiring writer Thomas Malicet when he began his first novel and realized he did not have the right tool.
Since he could not find it on the market, he decided to build his ideal app: a streamlined, online service that would simplify his workflow and make technical problems a thing of the past.
Colofon is now live with more and more users and new features added regularly.

General Features

Available anywhere, anytime

Colofon is a cloud-based app that can be accessed from any device.

Fast and light

With a strong believer in the KISS principle as founder, Colofon was bound to be a fast-loading, smooth-running, uncluttered app.


Data is encrypted and backed-up constantly, meaning ongoing work is protected from hackers but also from writers 'own potential mistakes.


Planner - A dashboard featuring cards that can be organized and rearranged to visualize and structure content before and during the writing process.

Notes/Bible - A notepad enabling users to create their own bible, i.e. gather and organize notes on characters, places, dates as well as useful information.

Versioning - Writers can keep different versions of a chapter/scene and not lose that idea they wrote but killed and now see for what it really was (brilliant).

Stats on work progress - Word count, page count and weekly reports to keep track of writing progress.

Exporting feature - Chapters, scenes can be exported to pdf, txt, .doc and epub.

Sharing feature - Writers can choose to keep their projects private or make them public and allow people to follow their production.